Best Time of Year for Tree Pruning

Best Time of the Year to Prune your Trees

BEST TIME OF THE YEAR TO PRUNE YOUR TREES Often people ask us what time of year is best for tree pruning. If you’re reading this, chances are you care about tree preservation and own or have trees to manage. I’ll share some of my insights as a field Arborist in the greater Toronto area … Read more

Topping Trees Is Bad

Topping Trees Is Bad

Topping Trees Is Bad To top a tree essentially means to aggressively remove the upper portion of the tree causing permanent harm to its structure. As an Arborist I get this request frequently. Recently I came across a failed Poplar tree that I think perfectly illustrates why you should not top trees. It exhibits the … Read more

Solving Tree Defects Through Pruning

Rubbing Tree Branch Removed

Solving Tree Defects Through Pruning When an Arborist makes an assessment of any given tree, there are two primary factors considered. The overall vigor of the tree and its structural integrity. Pruning trees directly impacts both of these factors and is the foundation of urban tree care. Through the practice of pruning trees we can … Read more

Top Reasons Your Trees Need Pruning

Tree Pruning

Good Reasons Your Trees Need Pruning Frequently we get asked, “how often should I have my trees pruned?” Trees are a product of their genetics and the environment they grow in. They need favorable conditions to thrive, survive and become long lived old trees. They also need to develop a strong well balanced structure to … Read more

Corrective Pruning

Here are some great examples of corrective pruning in a young White Oak tree.

Preventative VS Reactive Tree Care

PreventativeVSReactive Tree Care Trees are awe inspiring, period! My fascination with them is endless. Majestic, enduring even mysterious would be words I use to describe them. In fact there are still things we don’t know about them and our understanding of them continues to grow each day. But there is something we definitely do know … Read more