Tree Removal

BigLeaf Tree Serivice - tree removal

BigLeaf Tree Service is equipped with the necessary tools and trained Arborists which will ensure that your unwanted tree is removed quickly, safely and with no damage to your property. We have full liability insurance. See how we safely handle a Tree Removal.

BigLeaf Tree Service is a huge supporter of planting trees and would like to see every tree survive. However, there are certain situations where a tree removal is necessary for the safety and benefit of our homes and Toronto communities.

Here are some common reasons where tree removal is required.

  • Diseased, dying or dead trees

  • Cavities or rotten wood along the trunk or in major branches

  • Crack or splits in the trunk or where branches are attached

  • Trees leaning or unbalanced (more branches over one side)

  • Storm damaged or hazardous Trees

  • Roots interfering or damaging property

  • Unmanageable size

  • Trees too tall and close to a building

  • Tree is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen

  • For construction or development space

  • Emergency Tree Removal

Should you be considering tree removal, you may want to consult us for an assessment as there could be an alternative. In the case of a definitive removal, be sure to secure the services of qualified Arborists as tree removal can be a highly dangerous process. Emergency tree removal service is available upon request.