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Whether you have a young, mature or simply overgrown tree, we got all of your tree trimming needs covered. Book your appointment for a free site visit and estimate today.

People tell us all the time “we bought this property because of these lovely trees”. It’s true, your trees are a valuable asset to your property and regular pruning is an essential practice in maintaining not only beautiful trees but also to promote strong healthy long lived trees. Although it may seem simple to cut off a branch from a tree, it takes a thorough understanding of tree biology and structure to really give your trees what they need to stand the test of time. We specialize in fine pruning and creating strong, balanced long lived trees. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

Toronto Tree Cutting Services
Toronto Tree Trimming
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Toronto Tree Pruning Service


Help Your Tree Develop Strong and Healthy Branch Unions

Structural Pruning to Improve Form and Encourage Longevity

Thinning for Improved Storm and Wind Resistance

Increase Sun and Air Circulation in an Overly Thick Canopy

Shape for Aesthetics to Keep your Trees the Center of Attention

Crown Cleaning, Remove Dead, Weak, Dangerous Branches

Reduce and Control Tree Size and Branch Lengths, Pollarding

Clear From Obstacles Such as Your Roof, Shed or a Fence

Restoration Pruning, Repair Tree Structure Post Damage

Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them. Ask about our long term pruning programs that can be specifically developed and catered to keep your trees as healthy as possible for generations to come.

This video shows some great examples of corrective pruning in a young White Oak. Trees often need our assistance in developing a strong well balanced structure. Strong trees are more storm resistant, longer lived and grow to become a valuable asset to your property.

Toronto Tree Pruning Services

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