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If you live in Scarborough and need tree service, we got you covered. We’ve been pulling chain saw cords in Scarborough for nearly a decade. We’ve met some amazing people and had the pleasure of working in some amazing trees. We are Arborists who look forward to working with you.​

Check out some our most frequently asked questions about tree trimming and removal.

In Scarborough trees are regulated by size and location and in some cases by species. If you have a tree that measures greater than 30cm in DBH, you will need a permit. Follow this tree by-law page for further information. You can also scroll down to the bottom of that page for instructions on how to measure the DBH of your tree.

Generally not, as long as you don’t injure the tree. Our qualified Arborists will be able to determine the most adequate methods of trimming your tree while preserving its health.

Of course, by default we take away everything we cut. If you have a use for the wood we cut or the mulch produced, we can also leave it upon your request.

Legally you can cut back your neighbours over growth as long as you do not injure the tree. This doesn’t necessarily always mean cutting everything right back to the property line. Most of the time we can accomplish exactly what is needed while preserving tree health. It’s also best practice to speak with your neighbour and inform them prior to getting the tree cut to avoid any conflicts of interest and get permission to have us be on their property if necessary.

There are numerous factors that determine the cost of tree removal as well as tree pruning. Primary factors include tree size, accessibility, structures beneath and around the tree as well as structural integrity of the tree. You can email or text us a photo of the tree in question and we’ll be able to give you a cost of service right away or set up a free site visit for a quotation if necessary. You can also check out this Tree Service Price Guide for further information.

We only use tree spikes for tree removal. We know tree spikes wound the tree, causing unnecessary stress to it. Good Arborists know using tree spikes to access a tree for trimming is poor industry practice. If you value the health of your trees, you should make sure to hire a qualified Arborist, we’re just one click away!

Our services are aimed at providing you with convenience. We love to meet and work with people but you do not need to be present when we service your trees. You may have a specific aesthetic vision for your project, in this case we recommend being present so that we can make sure we meet your exact expectations.

Good question. Here is a helpful article on the main reasons to prune your trees in the first place. This should give you a better understanding of pruning frequency. Consistency is key.

We’ve been building trust with our clients for over a decade now, one at a time, good people just like you give us the opportunity to earn our reputation. We consider ourselves the best at what we do. We are a small group of local Arborists who love working with people and trees. Our success depends on your satisfaction.

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