As a full Tree Service Company we often get to give away mulch, also know as woodchips, which can be delivered to you free of cost. If you are in our service area and you would like to be on our free mulch delivery list, simply fill out our contact form below. To get on our list, make sure to include your full Address with Postal Code and Phone Number (please do not call us to request free mulch). When working in your neighbourhood we will contact you to confirm delivery, picking up is not an option. Requesting a specific amount is also not an option, you must be able to take a full load of wood chips. Loads are 2-4 tonnes, approximately 300 cubic feet/12 yards of mulch. Mulch will take up approximately one and a half parking spaces. It is freshly chipped tree mulch.

Free Mulch Toronto


Please do not request by phone, just fill out our form below. As long as you’ve filled out your name, full address with postal code and phone number, you’ll get on the list. If you left out any of this information your request will not be processed.

No. Only available option is a delivery.

We can not provide a date. When we need to dump a load, the closest address we are working to will have an opportunity to receive free mulch.

Specific amounts are only available as a paid service. You must be able to take a full load which is approximately 300 cubic feet of free mulch.

Whatever trees we have recently worked on. If you require a specific type of mulch then this service is not for you.

We never deliver without first receiving your verbal confirmation. Simply let us know at that time you no longer need free mulch.

We need to have good access to drive a large dump truck through, including overhead clearance. We usually use your driveway.

We do also provide a paid mulch delivery service. This can guarantee you a delivery within a week. Fees range upwards from $250, depending on your location.