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From choosing the right species to delivering and planting your new tree, shrub or hedge we provide the full service. Plan your planting with us today.

We don’t don’t just plant your trees, we make sure they get off to the best possible start. This begins with choosing the best nursery stock available, plants with optimal shape, form and vigor. Prior to installation, we protect your new investment by completing a thorough examination of your new plant and conduct a root and or crown pruning if necessary.

Planting trees is an integral part of preserving our city’s canopy and beautiful landscape. They provide an abundance of value for us all.

  • Aesthetic beauty to the landscape
  • Shade and wind block that can help with energy costs
  • Tree roots can act as a natural retaining wall
  • Regulate problematic wet soil areas and reduce water run off
  • Provide us with clean air to breathe

Trees also generally provide a great trunk circumference at chest level to execute, practice and perfect the art of hugging which effectively promotes happier healthier people.

Size matters, the bigger the tree is, the harder the planting process will be. That’s where we come in. Choosing the right place and species to plant can be overwhelming and we can gladly guide you through the process. Let BigLeaf Tree Service help you plant a tree today.

Toronto Tree Planting Service

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